Update on Writing Projects

Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing well! I want to first thank you for taking the time to visit my new blog. Along with occasional updates on the status of my writing projects, I aim to use this blog to interview authors and learn about their different writing processes.

For today’s post, I just wanted to give a basic update on the stages of development my various writing projects are at right now since there are quite a few in the pipeline. As I’m sure you likely know, I currently have three novels published (Dark Guardian, Memories Of My Future, & Dark Guardian: A New Dawn) along with many hort stories.

My next novel to be released is the third, and final, installment of the Dark Guardian Series. The title of the novel is Dark Guardian: Legends and it will be published the first weekend of November 2017 God-Willingly! The cover art and final proofread have all been complete, so everything is set to go!

After Legends, the my next novel to be published is a police novel set in 1999 that follows the early adventures of an undercover narcotics officer in Houston. This novel is co-written by a good friend of mine who has a former background as an undercover narcotics officer in Brazoria and Harris County, Glenda. Glenda is a very strong storyteller and some of the protagonist’s situations are inspired by situations Glenda faced during her career. Working with Glenda on this book was one of the funnest experiences I’ve had as a writer and I can’t wait to share this novel with everyone in the near future.

Currently, my amazing agent has my 6th novel and is working on securing a publishing deal for it. The book is a Young Adult novel currently titled Aleppo: A City Forgotten. As that name suggests, the novel is set in the city of Aleppo in the midst of the current and tragic civil war that has gripped Syria. The story follows a thirteen-year-old boy, Zaid, when he is separated from his family the night Aleppo is attacked. With this novel, I wanted to show the horrors of wars like these from the eyes of children who live through them. The main theme of the novel is the unbreakable human spirit and the courage of mankind at their darkest hours.

I recently finished a children’s picture book (for ages 5-7). The current title is Most Bunnies Hop, But Some Bunnies Fly. This book follows the adventure of a young bunny who cannot hop like the other bunnies. His journey of self-discovery teaches him a valuable lesson about discovery. This book is currently being read by several publishers.

Recently, I also finished up a graphic novel. I wrote the script, while my friend, Jackson, created the artwork for our sample pages. Jackson is an amazing and invigorating artist (and a great person overall). The current title is Mors: The Legendary Wolf. Jackson’s artwork is a mix of traditional comic book art mixed with some very unique styles, which really makes it captivating. I view this graphic novel as a modern day western following an old gunslinger who has lived longer than he should have and is now haunted by the demons of his past and the monsters in his soul. This story is inspired by some of my favorite movies, including The Last Samurai (although it has nothing to do with samurais) and John Wick. It also takes inspiration from classic comic book stories, such as Old Man Logan and The Dark Knight Returns, to name just a couple.

So those are all the projects and their stages of development! Hope that was not too confusing. I truly appreciate your continued support of my writings and cannot express how thankful I am. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Your friend,



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