Interview with Author Aaron Dawbot

Hello, friends! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing author Aaron Dawbot. Aaron is a writer and a physician, a cardiologist to be exact. Originally from the United Kingdom, Aaron currently resides in Bucharest with his family.

After attaining a successful career as a cardiologist by the age of 33, Aaron decided to shift his energy into something he always identified with: fiction.

When he is not working, Aaron enjoys writing multi-genre stories. Aaron is currently working on the Thomas Arsen Series, a paranormal, suspense mystery saga. I have personally read Aaron’s first book, and can definitely say it’s an entertaining read and a great first novel!

If you’d like to check Aaron out on social media or learn more about his works, you can do so through these sites:

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Alright! So let’s get to some questions!


1) Were there any particular books/events that inspired you to start writing?

What I can say is that there are many, but if I had to pinpoint one book that stood out from all, then it would be Space Odyssey 2001. It was the first time I sensed a deep connection with a mind that wasn’t my own. After that, the reading bug caught on, and slowly, I was immersed in the world of fiction. I discovered a great delight in crafting stories of my own.


2) What is your writing background?

I would summarize my writing background, as quite short and humble. I worked so hard to finish medical school and had been working as a physician for more than a decade. My residency took all my time and energy. However, two years ago, I got my specialty in cardiology, which made my schedule much easier. I took a job in a private clinic. Since then, I write whenever I find time and silence. Even between patients. I have written 13 short stories, a novel and two other ongoing projects. It is a slow and steady process, but I enjoy the growth.


3) What is your writing process? Is it a set process or more fluid? What inspires you?

We all have a natural inclination to be pantsters, but after reading from several professionals, I had to adopt a more contrived process. First, I get an idea and let it sit for a while. Then, I outline the sequence of events and let the  threads entwine to a more coherent narrative. It takes a week or too. After that, I write the first draft, scene by scene, in the same time I allow the story to flourish and unfold, many things change along the way.

 As for inspiration, I find ideas in almost anything, but movies have more of an impact because of the short span, which gives you a complete perspective in a relative condensed bracket of time. My second source of inspiration is music.


4) What advice do you have for new/aspiring writers?

 Never give up, never give up, the reward is in the work. Never settle, almost try to outreach for greatness, and take pride in whatever you achieve. Writers are refined thinkers; we have the talent to mold people’s emotions and thoughts. Harness that talent.


5) Do you draw inspiration from pop culture (TV Shows, Video Games, Movies, etc), and if so, which ones?

As I mentioned earlier, yes, I do, who doesn’t. My first book Bleeding Cross was a hybrid between Constantine and Supernatural. But the greatest trigger for me to start writing was Doctor Who, as it delivers a world of unfathomable reaches to explore, imaginative avenues to discuss, multicolored themes. Yesterday I saw Blade runner 2049, and it gave me a dozen of ideas for Dystopian Sci-Fi premises.


6) What drew you to your genres in general?

Every genre has its unique appeal and serves a certain process in your psyche. Horror for instance has always fascinated me, due to my interest in the paranormal. Fantasy hooks me by its quaint simple worlds and sense of adventure. Science fiction, however, is more of a philosophical discussion. I always wonder about fictional scenarios; science fiction gets me there and allows me to experience all the “what if’s”.


7) What project have you enjoyed working on the most?

Every last project becomes my favorite. The book that I am currently editing is called Wicked Faith. I had a blast in making it, as if it had a mind of it own. It started as somewhat of a vague concept, then it evolved miraculously to the beast it is right now. I hope everyone will enjoy it.


8) What is the deciding factor on whether or not to pursue a project? 

It has to strike an urge within you. Every writer is also an avid reader. So before pursuing a project, ask yourself: Does your audience need it? What does the story speak to you? Would you enjoy it if it was written by someone else?

Thank you for the lovely interview, Aaron! It was great getting to learn a bit about your unique writing process, especially how you transitioned from a more “fly by your pants” approach and into a more constructed approach. I hope everyone reading enjoyed learning about Aaron as much as I did.




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