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Hello Friends! I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Stacie Theis from Beach Bound Books! Below is a copy of that interview, but if you’d like to view the original transcript, you can do so HERE! Enjoy!

Meet Ammar Habib, author of the Dark Guardian Book Series

Ammar Habib is a bestselling and award winning author who was born in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1993. Ammar enjoys crafting stories that are not only entertaining, but will also stay with the reader for a long time. Ammar presently resides in his hometown with his family, all of whom are his biggest fans. He draws his inspiration from his family, imagination, and the world around him.

BBB: What inspired your Dark Guardian Series?

AH: The Dark Guardian Series is a superhero/vigilante, action/thriller series. It follows the adventures of Ethan Daniels and his alter ego of the vigilante called The Guardian. Throughout the series, Ethan battles many dark forces, some worldly and others more mystical. The series was inspired by many of the comics I read growing up along with a lot of my own imagination. It currently contains three novels and four shot stories. The novels are Dark Guardian, Dark Guardian: A New Dawn, & Dark Guardian: Legends.

I’m a big fan of action stories in all genres (books, comics, movies, etc.). So my reading of the genre was definitely a major inspiration. I’ve also been blessed with a constantly active imagination since childhood which never really shuts down, so that is another major source of inspiration.

Dark Guardian Cover (2)
BBB: Tell us about the series’ main character, Ethan Daniels.

AH: Ethan Daniels starts off the series as a very torn character. He is a darker anti-hero, his initial motives purely selfish. However, as the series moves along, he progresses from a selfish character motivated by revenge into a hero who acts as a beacon for others and puts the good of others above his own selfish desires. Each novel in the series contains a very unique arc for his character development.

Ethan is the heir to a fortune and possesses some pretty impressive physical skills. However, his best assets aren’t his money or physical strength. It’s his iron will and determination that helps him win the day many times. However, his weakness is that he is never satisfied with himself. Ethan is the kind of person who will ignore his 99 successes and focus on his 1 failure, sometimes making him his own worst enemy.

​A very important aspect of Ethan’s character is his relationship with the series’ heroine, Katrina. Although this is definitely not a romance series, I’ve always viewed the story as a love story. I say this because Ethan’s and Katrina’s love for each other is often the thing that keeps them from falling off the brink. Readers see their love mature as Ethan’s character changes through the course of the novels. It grows from a very boyish/girlish love in the first book and into a more spiritual connection by the third one.


BBB: What do you think readers will find most appealing about this series?

AH: That’s a great question, and the full answer is a little long. So far, it seems that many readers have enjoyed the character arc Ethan experiences in each novel and the themes that it plays into. Every novel in the series has a specific theme that the novel’s plot was built on.

The first novel has a theme of freedom in which Ethan must choose whether he’ll let the tragedies of his past control his life or if he will take control of his own life. It also contains a theme about the power of love and how that can save a person from losing themselves.

The second novel possesses a theme of “hope in the darkness” and “sacrificing for the greater good.” In this story, Ethan is deep into his mission as The Guardian, but his quest is starting to eat away his soul. He spends much of his time as a torn character, constantly having to stop himself from crossing over the line and becoming the monster he knows he can become. He keeps holding onto the light at the end of the tunnel that he believes is waiting for him on the other side of his mission.

The third novel contains a theme of legacy and the idea of acting as a beacon for others. In this book, Ethan’s actions as a vigilante have become a global sensation that has inspired many others. He must now be that beacon for others in many ways and try to keep his legacy going beyond his own life. This book culminates the entire series’ ideas about heroes and sacrifice.

Having the stories build on themes that I believe most people can somewhat relate to helps bring this somewhat supernatural story to the common reader’s level and helps the audience connect to the story. I believe this makes the books appealing to the general reader and so far it has proven true.


BBB: What other books have you written?

AH: I have had some short stories and poems published outside of this series. My other novel outside of this series is Memories Of My Future. This book is a historical/inspirational novel which actually won the 2017 Independent Press Award for Best Inspirational Work.

BBB: What are you currently working on?

AH: I actually have quite a few projects in different stages of development outside of this series. I recently signed a contract for a children’s picture book, which will be releasing next year. I also have a police novel releasing next year as well. My agent is shopping around a Young Adult novel and is also shopping around a non-fiction project of mine. I also have a graphic novel being read by some publishers. So 2018 will be very exciting God-Willingly!

Thank you so much for the interview, Stacie! I hope your readers enjoyed learning a bit about my writings as much as I enjoyed answering your questions!

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