Great Reviews for “Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice” & Update

Hello Friends!

Since it’s release about 5 weeks ago, Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice has received some really great reviews! I counted between 45 and 50 reviews so far, with an average rating of about 4.7/5 Starts (which is really amazing)! Here are some of my favorite recent reviews from readers so far: 

“I pretty much tore through this book in one sitting. The fight scenes are like potato chips! Ammar and Detective Mendoza really captured what I imagine the intensity of being an undercover narcotics officer really feels like. The emotions are sincere and beautifully articulated in the prose. If you’re a fan of the action in the Joe Ledger books by Jonathan Maberry, you’ll love this book!” -Kolby Diaz

“I really enjoyed reading this and was compelled to finish in one sitting. Ana Rocha is tough as nails and knows how to get the job done. I look forward to reading more from this author and especially this character!” – Marcia Lilley

“‘I’m still in shock that a male author can get that deep inside a female character’s mind. Well done! The story is realistic with a little creative licensing thrown in to keep it moving and exciting, which it definitely is. Well choreographed fight scenes. Habib is an author I will be watching out for. Well done!” -Will Decker

You can read more reviews on Amazon and Goodreads if you would like! I know I speak for my co-author, Glenda, and myself when I say that we’re so thrilled that readers are connecting with this awesome police/crime thriller! I even got an email from a nice lady all the way in Ireland telling me how much she loved the story, especially the character of Ana!

Glenda and I are finalizing a short story that is a follow-up for this book! We’re going to be contacting some journals and magazines with the story in hopes of having it published in the late summer/early fall. We also plan on putting it up on Amazon as an E-book.

Along with the short story, we’re currently outlining the sequel to Ana Rocha. We aim to have an outline finished by the end of April so we can begin the first draft in May! I’m very excited about how everything is shaping up and cannot thank all my awesome friends, family, and fans for their amazing continued support of my writings. This would not be possible without you! 🙂

Your friend,

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