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I hope you are doing well. My bestselling police/crime thriller, Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice, has continued receiving some stellar reviews. I wanted to share one of my personal favorites. This 5-Star review was published by the “Reading Anonymous” blog. You can read the full review HERE! Below is a short excerpt:


I’m not sure what I love so much about this book. I just do. It is extremely well written, which made it very easy to read. I finished the book in about two days which just testifies how good it was! The main character, Ana Rocha is now on the top list of my favorite female characters. She is just so freaking bad ass, taking down guys three times her size! I was just blown away by her and I want her to teach me to be as bad ass as her.

Ana’s story is something that is heartbreaking and realistic, which is part of the reason why I love this book. Because what happened to her could happen to anyone. She loses her sister, her best friend. She’s murdered. That lost drives Ana to a life of law & taking bad guys down . While others might have let this loss drag them down a dark path, Ana uses it to drive her to cleaning up the streets of Houston and putting bad guys behind bars, all while trying to find out. What really happened to her sister?

As you may already know, this novel was co-authored by a Houston detective/former narcotics investigator, Glenda Mendoza. Being that the novel is set in Houston in the late 90s, Glenda’s involvement really gave the book a level of authenticity that it would not have otherwise had. You can read more reviews on GOODREADS and AMAZON.

As always, thank you for your continued support of my writings! 🙂

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