Mary E. Walker: America’s Only Medal of Honor Recipient

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Hello friends,

I hope you are staying safe. I’m excited to announce that my 8th book, Mary E. Walker: America’s Only Female Medal of Honor Recipient, is now available through most major book retail stores.

This book is a biography about the life of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker. During the American Civil War, she became the first female contract surgeon to serve in the United States Military, and she became the only lady to ever receive the Medal of Honor (America’s highest military award). After the war, she was a leading advocate for women’s rights and the rights of minorities in America & Europe.

Mary E. Walker Cover
Below is the premise of the book:

“In the history of America, only one woman has ever received the Medal of Honor: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker. However, Mary’s life was more than just a medal. Not only was Mary a leading suffragist, the first female surgeon to serve in the United States Army, and an advocate of women’s dress reform, she was a woman who put the lives of others before hers. She sacrificed her personal happiness, her comforts, and her reputation in order to fight for the ideals she believed in, both during and after her service in the American Civil War. Mary was a nonconformist in every way, refusing to bow down to society’s establishments. When society towered above her, demanding her to surrender, Mary planted herself like a tree and stood her ground. Mary’s life is a testament to the idea of selflessness. Today, many people around the globe stand on her shoulders.

This book is more than a simple biography of Mary’s life. Instead, this book seeks to understand the woman behind the medal. It seeks to discover the core of Mary’s being and the inspirations that turned her into who she was. People may know Dr. Walker. The question is: who was Mary?

Thank you for your continued support of my writings! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Your Friend,


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