5 Questions with Author G. B. Gabbler

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Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Author G. B. Gabbler! Gabbler’s main work is The Automation, which is the first of the Circo del Herrero Series.  If you’d like to connect with G. B. Gabbler, you can do so through the following sites:

Website  Instagram Tumbler Twitter Goodreads

Gabbler’s works can be viewed through: AmazonSmashwords, & Barnes and Noble.

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New Podcast Interview!

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I’m excited to share my newest podcast interview with you! The name of the podcast that chatted with me is Writers and Authors on Fire (sweet name)!

John (the host) and I had about an hour long discussion talking about many aspects of writing, both the creative and business side. He asked some great questions about my journey as a writer, and asked about some things that have helped and inspired me along the way. You can check it out HERE!

Please feel free to share your thoughts! Thank you 🙂

WAonFire Habib

Cover Reveal for Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice

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I am excited to reveal the cover for my next novel, Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice! This is a police/crime novel set in Houston in 1999. It follows the adventures of an undercover narcotics officer, Ana Rocha, as she takes on some of Houston’s biggest criminals. This novel was co-written by my good friend, Detective Glenda Mendoza. Although the work is purely fictional, Glenda’s law enforcement experiences were the inspiration for much of the story and helped ground it in reality.


The novel is releasing on February 28th, 2018 in both print and as an E-Book! Below is the premise of the novel:

Ana Rocha is a woman on fire. Being talented and from a well-off family, Ana could have become anything. But driven by her sister’s murder, Ana chose the path of an undercover narcotics officer. Ana has made a vow to help clean up the streets of Houston. The journey her duty takes her on forces her to confront her worst nightmares and face the city’s most ruthless criminals. The further she goes down this path, the more the line between her two lives begins to blur. And soon, this journey brings her face-to-face with a monster from her past.   

If you would like to check out more info on the book, you can do so HERE! Thank you for your continued support of my writings!

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5 Questions with Author Shaun Baines

Hello Friends!
Today I have the pleasure of interviewing upcoming author Shaun Baines! Shaun lives in a damp cottage in Scotland, but comes from the north east of England where his novels are set. He is represented by David Haviland of the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency. His short stories combine dark fantasy with contemporary crime. They can be found online, in magazines and in anthologies, including Eclectic Mix Vol 5 and Metamorphose Vol 3. Woodcutter is his debut novel and will be published by Thistle Publishing in June 2018. He is currently writing the sequel, provisionally titled The Daytons. Both novels are based in the criminal underworld.

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Happy New Year!!

Hello Friends!

Wishing you all a very blessed New Year! May 2018 be filled with success in every area of your life!

I wanted to send you a quick-ish update on the writings.

My next novel, Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice, is still set to be published on February 28th. The cover artist is working on the cover as we speak and I’ll be sharing that within the next couple of weeks. Continue reading “Happy New Year!!”