Inaugural Issue of Thriller Magazine

Hello Friends!

A couple of months ago I started an online literary magazine called Thriller Magazine. The magazine’s purpose is to showcase some established voices alongside new talents of the thriller/suspense/mystery genre. I started it because I believe there aren’t enough places that publish new authors, making it hard for newer writers to get there work out there. The first issue was published today (yay!) and the second issue will hopefully be out in December.

Some amazing authors of the thriller genre actually submitted work, which was neat. One of the authors, Andrew Bourelle, has actually co-authored two books with the legendary James Patterson. Another author, Amy Grech, has had over 100 stories published in journals/magazines/anthologies, so it was nice to see that authors of that caliber were taking the time to send in their pieces. There are also 3 or 4 new authors who sent some really great pieces.

If anyone would be interested in reading the first issue just for fun, you can download the full PDF HERE or you can read a sample of the first issue on the magazine’s website (

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Thriller Magazine 1



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