5 Questions with Author G. B. Gabbler

Hello Friends!

Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Author G. B. Gabbler! Gabbler’s main work is The Automation, which is the first of the Circo del Herrero Series.  If you’d like to connect with G. B. Gabbler, you can do so through the following sites:

Website  Instagram Tumbler Twitter Goodreads

Gabbler’s works can be viewed through: AmazonSmashwords, & Barnes and Noble.

Alright, so let’s get to some question. 

1) What made you start writing? Were there any particular books/events/people that inspired you to start writing?

I, G.B. Gabbler, started writing because it was the best way to express myself and explore issues important to me. I’ve always been a writer. It’s what I am. I’ve been published here and there—most recently in The Fanzine.What inspired me to publish a book, however, is what would become the first drafts of our manuscript for The Automation. I saw great potential in my co-author’s imagination and storytelling abilities and took it from there. My co-author, the Narrator B.L.A., is mute and so types out everything to me—which you would think is half the battle, but try getting revisions back on time! There was an art to the story B.L.A. was telling me—a genius only I seemed capable of interpreting. See, everyone thinks the Narrator is mad. And, though I agree, there is something there. Something I need the world to help me figure out. I couldn’t let the story go unpolished. Even with my editing, it’s still a diamond in the rough—but that’s its charm, I think. That’s the statement I wanted to make with backing this work. We should leave things in their natural state. I wanted to present the polishing act as part of the art form. Deep down, I think B.L.A. understands that too. That is why my footnotes and editing are so apparent throughout the manuscript.

2) What advice do you have for new/aspiring writers? 

Write for something you are passionate about and it will come across as real and true. So many times stories are packaged and processed and are no longer raw visions. Not even I could drown out the Narrator’s true motives with my editing—it still shines through. I stopped trying and embraced it—the story is better off for it. But not many publishers/editors/agents/book packagers could understand that, I think.

3) Where do you draw your inspiration? Is it more internal inspiration or external? 

The Automation is inspiration enough for the kind of writing I do. So, I guess that is external.

4) What drew you to your genres? 

Well, our genres have been called mythpunk or godpunk and we’ve embraced those labels. They were pure marketing choices, honestly. Otherwise (like most authors, I assume), we think our work transcends genre. It’s meant to be a commentary on literature from start to finish—from the mythic Epics of Homer to vampire YA novels. The Narrator finds a way to mention it all. Literature shapes our culture in ways we don’t always pay attention to. With this work, I saw a chance highlight those influences in a very specific medium that only a novel could do. A film or podcast or newspaper article simply wouldn’t have the same impact as this story at sending our message.

5) What project have you enjoyed working on the most?

The follow up to The Automation, called The Pre-programming. It’s set to come out in 2018. I never thought a sequel would be more interesting than the original, but that appears to be the case. Beta readers are really enjoying it, and I think that has something to do with all the setup from the first volume now out of the way.

Thank you so much for the interview! It was great to get some of your insights. For my readers, please feel free to leave your thoughts below. Thank you!


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